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Hello readers

This week’s entry is about Personalized Learning. Based on what have been explained during the class, personalized learning is more to student centered.

“Personalized Learning is a 21st century, “on the leading edge” approach to public education that honors and recognizes the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of each child.”


Personalized Learning is a blended approach to learning that combines the delivery of education both within and beyond the traditional classroom environment.


From all the links given by Miss Ng, I have decided to choose Build Your Wild Life.

this is the example that i create

Lesson Plan

Year 3 (Average Proficiency)

This is the production step, where pupils will have the knowledge of body parts.

  1. Teacher recalls what have been taught during the earlier stage.
  2. Teacher then asks the pupils to draw a figure with body parts in their exercise book.
  3. Teacher then asks the pupils to click on the website and explore the website first.
  4. After giving 2-3 minutes to explore, teacher explains about the games that they are going to play.
  5. Teacher asks the pupils to sit in pairs.
  6. Teacher tells the pairs to choose a name of a figure.
  7. Pupils are to create their own wildlife figure based on the icon appeared in the website.
  8. They are given 5 to 10 minutes to complete their figure with extended features. They are not allowed to create a normal human figure.
  9. Then teacher asks the pupils to explain why they create their figure like that.











Hello everyone,

This is my seventh entry. This entry is regarding the game “Who Want to Be a Billionaire”. At first I think this game is just a simple game that not really applicable in the classroom lesson. I just read the email and do nothing with the email.

Then when it comes to work, I just realize that we need to prepare an activity based on the game. So from the topic chosen, we have chosen the Weather theme so include n our presentation.

What I learn are:

I learn how to be creative in such a simple way. We can be as creative as we can in order to encourage pupils to get involve in our activity in the classroom.

I learn to share what can be shared to others. We cannot keep our activities to ourselves. Let’s share it so that people will use it in order to make pupils enjoy the lesson in classroom.

I learn that group cooperation is really important and essential in doing certain task so that we will brainstorm the ideas among the group members.

What I question throughout the presentation:

I question on how the edited game will enhance pupils to learn English and make them use English every day in daily life.

I question on how the background colour and illustration will help the game to be more interesting.

I question on whether the edited game that being produced really suitable in our education system and also to be implied in the classroom activity.

Overall I would say congratulation to all of my friends that they really put an effort in making the game really interesting. They are really creative on changing the money to few things such as stars, cookies, etc.

That’s all for this week. See you next week. GOOD LUCK & CONGRATULATION!!!


Little Shop of Treasure

Hallo readers..

Im back again..

This week I will talk about Little Shop of Treasure..

This game is about finding objects in the specific places. Gamer will be occupied with certain words and they need to find the object within the time constraints. There are about a few situations that gamer needs to complete in the game. This game is interesting enough for children as they will learn lots of new words as they are searching for the objects. This game can be installed in the computer then you can play it whenever you want. It is because it does not need internet connection to play.

Let’s relate it with educational matter.

Little Shop of Treasure

Class: Year 4 (average to high proficiency level)

Time: 1 hour

Language Focus: Vocabulary (Nouns)

Skill: Reading and Writing

Learning Outcome:

At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

  • Recognize and learn new words (vocabulary)
  • Use and apply the new words in daily life and academic purposes



Teacher first introduces a few new words to the pupils.

introduction of the game

choosing the place @ situation

searching for the words and objects

finish one situation

hunt for the next object in different situation

pause to break


  • Teacher pre-teaches what the meaning of the words is.
  • (Mark and snorkel, rusty sword, binoculars, etc)
  • Teacher demonstrates how to play the game to the pupils.


Teacher lets the pupils play the game. Maybe it can be done in pairs as they will help each other to find the object in each situation.

While pupils are playing the game, they must take down the new words that they find in the game in a paper.

The words that they have written will be used in the next session.

Individual Work

From the words that they have chosen, they must construct a sentence.

The sentence build must be using the word.

They must build at least 5 to 7 sentence.


Teacher will assessed the pupils based on their score of the game and also the sentences that being constructed by the pupils.

that’s all for this week.I do really hope that you guys enjoy reading this week’s entry and if you feel want to play this game,come and get it from me….


Hello readers…
im sorry im late to post about the review of tools…so i guess i should do it before i do the next entry.for this entry i decided to choose Sketchfu..have you ever heard about it????
“This report is for the domain We estimate that receives approximately 2,946 unique visitors each day.”(
Sketchfu is basically a simple tools that can be used both by teachers and pupils. it is a intervention of paint that build up in our computer that being improve to a bit interactive way.
the function of Sketchfu
sketchfu is consist of a few button to be pressed by the user in order to write or draw on the page.user can choose the size of dot that display on the dashboard and start drawing or writing. user also might choose the colour that need to be displayed. then there will be a speed that user can choose in display it whether want it to be fast or slow.then it also equipped with flash software that user can replay what have they write or draw and show it to the whole class or save it and people might see the outcome or the work.
the limitations of Sketchfu
the limitation of sketcfu is that it needs internet for the whole have to open the website and do your work in cant be downloaded as program in our just need to sign up and you can draw anything you want. besides that it is just a simple tools that maybe young kids aged 6 to 8 are interested in.unless the user love to draw and they have creativity on drawing using this tool.
when can this tool be used
teacher can use this tool to give instruction to the pupils.teacher can write down simple instruction and pupils just look at fact teacher will reduce the “amount” of voice used…then teacher also can use this tools as post mortem strategy. teacher might ask the pupils about the lesson of the day whether they like it or not.using this might give chance to the pupils to convey their feeling by drawing their feeling about the lesson.
the user friendliness from the teacher point of view (you)
for me,sketchfu is a simple tool that teacher can use on order to make interactive yet interesting lesson.
the tool is suitable for which standard

for me it is suitable for lower primary as the kids will be more interested and excited to play it.for upper primary maybe this is  too simple for them.unless teacher is using it in more interesting way.


below are some examples of work done with some people using Sketchfu..i hope you guys enjoy yourself reading this entry…thanks..


TPACK Lesson Plan

Hello readers…

During the previous class, we have been exposed to TPACK. Here is my Lesson Plan where I had integrated technology, pedagogy, content and knowledge in the lesson.

Subject          : English

Class              : Year 4 Bestari

Enrolment     : 40 students

Theme           : World of knowledge

Topic              : Come Rain or Shine

Language Focus    : Noun (Seasons in a Year)

Tools               : Youtube Video (4 seasons in a year),song “winter spring summer fall”, text, cue cards.


At first, I showed the pictures of the four seasons in a year to the pupils. As the pupils are high proficient pupils, so I just showed the pictures and they know what the seasons is. Then I introduced a song entitled “Four seasons in a Year” to the pupils. The song is about four seasons and it is based on the tune of “this Old Man”. I sang the song first and then they followed after me.



Next stage, I played the “4 Seasons in a Year” video to the pupils. The video explains about the four seasons and what are the activities can be done during each season.


I gave the pupils a text contains what they can do during each seasons. Then form the video they can make a comparison. Thus they will acquire the content that being conveyed in the video and text. In fact, they will indirectly know the action verb that can be done during each season.




I have applied the constructivism approaches where pupils build up their own understanding after watching the video and reading the text. There might be different points that being explained in the video that are not listed in the text. So they can build up their own understanding about activities can be done in each season.


I used the technology to enhance the knowledge and content via pedagogy which means that I did not spoon feed the pupils. They have to look out the knowledge by watching the video and reading the text thoroughly. I teach the pupils to be independent learners and not rely on teachers to find the things that they haven’t see directly in front of them.


hope you all enjoy reading this entry.feel free to leave comment.thanks…

my exclusive 10 wish list

Hello readers..
This is my entry on the 10 wish list. At first I thought I supposed to write about my own wish list. But it is not my own wish list but it is about my wish list in order to implement ICT in the classroom. I’m not sure whether it will come true or not, however it is just my wish and I hope it will somehow achieve the mission and vision in order to accomplish our Mision 2020.
Straight away go to my wish list

10. Provide enough money and subsidy
It is important to ensure that budget is enough and appropriate in order to supply all the schools with those facilities and maintenance.

9. Giving up course and workshop
It is to help teachers in improving themselves in ICT skills. So that every teacher will be able to do it on their own without asking help from other teachers.

8. Provide enough facilities to all school
Every school needs to be provided with enough facilities in order to make the students get used with it. Do not provide facilities for the smart or best school only. It is unfair for other schools.

7. Increase the number of expertise
The expertise here means the person who is in charge of the ICT tools and stuff. In every school must have enough expertise whereby teachers and students will ask for help if there are problems occur.

6. Development of ICT environment in every school
This is important where ICT environment will help the students to get used with technology. If let’s say the students have been exposed to the technology stuff and ICT at home, but in school the environment of ICT is less practiced, it will be problem to the students to apply their knowledge.

5. Wide usage of technology
This means that teacher must used the technology and ICT widely or meaning to say if possible in any lesson per day or per week. So that students will be able to used it and practice it.

4. ICT friendly between teachers and pupils
Teachers and students will be connected with one medium that help them in their learning. For example, teacher has developed one medium like Facebook and student will be able to ask anything about the subject to the teacher. This can be professionally done and students must only ask about their study matter not personal thing.

3. Stable internet connection
This is important where when the internet connection is stable, teachers can download or use internet in order to find any interesting games for the students.

2. Suitable and flexible curriculum
This is a must where curriculum is needed n order to guide the teacher to plan the lesson with ICT. It must be flexible and suitable for the teachers and also students.

1. Society’s awareness of technology
This is the most important part. The society must have awareness on the ICT. If we teachers do as much as possible but society especially parents are not aware of it and don’t bother, it couldn’t be helped.

Hello world!

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hello everyone…

im here just to tell you about my Teaching Practice at S.K Seri Anggerik.overall the school is good as most of the pupils can understand and speak English very well.i had my best and memorable experience teaching 5 Bestari nd 4 Bestari pupils.i dont think i have any big problems dealing with them.the school is quite new as the school was started on the 2004.i guess it is new school.becoming a training teacher in that school has opened my eyes about teaching profession.

enough about teaching profession, and we continue talking about my lesson.for my lesson,i am not using ICT in all lessons.i only use ICT when it is appropriate to is because my schedule with the pupils are very tight.they are having another lesson before my period and after.luckily the teachers are very understanding if i have taken their time.when im using ICT i will not carry out the lesson in the classroom.i will bring the pupils either to the Access Room or The Makmal.the reason i choose makmal because it is situated next to 4 they wont take much time to go there and also to go back. besides that makmal has huge space for the pupils to move around.

for my 4 Bestari i had prepared a few lessons involving ICT.most of the lesson i used video for the pupils to watch and they will getting the idea of what im going to teach from the video.for example, i want to teach adjective but the focus is only for describing our i used video showing about the unique and beautiful of Malaysia.from there they will point out any words that they can describe Malaysia.i can see that they enjoy watching the video as the video is showing about interesting places to go in Malaysia.

that is for my English class.for my Maths class,i rarely used ICT.i just used power point to teach them Data Handling.the topic is about graph and all i used power point to show them all the graphs and all that.

overall i dont used ICT in all my lessons regards to time constraint and also classroom management.the class that i taught is having a large number or pupils.both of the class have about 40 pupils and the rooms is quite small for them to move in order to organize an there will be limited space for them to move around and if the time is only 1 period, i dont have enough time to finish my lesson.

these are examples of my teaching aids during my lessons.there are videos and power point.

Last entry=Last reflection

this is my last entry on this semester for PKEY3101 course.overall throughout this course i feel that it really helps me in improving myself in technology stuff and tools. for example the use of eportfolio gives me chance to explain what did i feel in every week class. sometimes i felt that this eportfolio is burdening me becasue i need to tell what am i feeling. however, i think this will help me to share what am i feeling in this course. for example whenever we have to do the entry every wek, i can determine my understanding about the topic that being taught to me.if i dont understand, i can look it for deeper understanding through the internet.
the only problem that i face whenever i need to do an entry when im at is because i dont have internet that i can do the entry based on the time given by the lecturer and tutor.
moreover, this eportfolio is technoloically absed.thus, i will get the opportunity to go through and look at my friends’ eportfolio in order to get further knowledge from them.that is why the tutors told us to comment on others’ shows that we read their entry and get new and extra knowledge from their entyr.
overall the used of portfolio really helps me to go through this PKEY course this semester.thanks a lot to all tutors and my coursemate for helping me to complete the task throughout the semester.
sayonara PKEY3101



i will set up COP in the classroom where teacher will be able to communicate to all the pupils inside and outside the doing this teacher wil be close t the pupils and getting to know if they are having any problem in the studies. uisng COP is good because teacher are applying a good style of teaching. teacher enhances the moral values of coopeartion, working in the community and also learn from others. this will help the pupils to learn from their friends and share what have they known during the class.

in setting up COP teacher can use either using technology or not or use both. becasue it is up to teachers as they are dealing with human beings. in the classroom teacher can create a blogwhere pupils are able to reflect what they have learnt and also give feedback from the lesson. this is becasue children nowadayas are aware and expert with the technology tools. so that blogging is just small matter to them.

 besdies that in the classroom teacher can engage pupils with the group work activities. for example portfolio. they will be assigned to do the portfolio with other 3 or 4 group members.thus it will encourage pupils to work together to produce a good piece of work.

i think thats all for this part.hopefully my COP entry is applicable and suitable to be include in the school system.


You have been using COP in this semester. What are some of the things that you have learnt from being in this Community of Practise?
Do give specific examples (at which point of time, which activity, can explain chronologically) in your class this semester the things learnt from being in COP. (add the process-HOW to show how the things came to your circle)

according to the question given, what can i say is i did learn and practice the COP this semester. in tis course the COP is being practise using the e-portfolio that being assigned to us for the whole semester. we need to update our space in LIVE every week and also make an entry of what have been learned throughout the course. the Community of Practise is leading us Cohort 4 to discuss among us in the medium that being attached to us. the LIVE is one of the mediums that we used to communicate to each other instead of using phone. we will get updates from the tutors and lectures about what need to be done as soon as possible. it is just the matter of connection that not allowed us to get all the updates.
for example, we get the email from the tutor and we spread the news to those who havent read their email yet. as for me, i am always go out during the weekends. due to that, my friends always updating me what is the new news and update from the tutors. besides that the reflection that made by us is somehow reflecting the knowledge and lesson that we have learned. though it is just an opinion from each one of us but it is useful for us to know and add on what we had understand.
this COP come to my life not really during this semester. this semester is only the emphaisize of it can be seen because of the course. we had been used facebook, sms and email in updating and spreading the new thing to all around us. we also learn to work together before. this COP not only can be used with internet and technology, it can also be done using traditional manner. for example, we discuss among ourselves by meeting up at certain place and write and jot down what are we discussion. it will be more appealing as we face it together. by using technology we can do conference,chatting and video call if the group member or community are not in the same place. the COP is really useful for me as i learn to work with other people and learn from other.